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Earth's crust, atmosphere, water, and living things are constantly influencing each other and changing the shape of the Earth.
The history of the Earth, which has changed over hundreds of millions of years, is hidden in mountains, seas, land and rocks.
Humans and living things depend on the one and only Earth that changes.
Earthquakes, the backbone of ecosystems, once destroyed, never regain their original shape.
UNESCO is operating the Global Geopark Program to achieve sustainable coexistence of nature and humans by preserving and utilizing the value, rarity, and beautiful scenery of the geological heritage that is the home of living things and holds the history of the earth.
Cheongsong was recognized as a UNESCO Global Geopark in May 2017 for its international and geological value. 

Global Geoparks in each country
177 parks in 46 countries (as of December 2021)
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