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Sinseong Valley Green Road Geotrail

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Sinseong Valley Green Road Geotrail


Walking along the Gilan Stream, you can see four of the 24 geosites.

It's a smooth road with no difficulty, so people who are new to the mountain can easily visit it.


▶ Course Guidance

Green Road Information Center ⇒ 

Sinseongri Dinosaur FootPrints ⇒ Incised Meander at Banghojeong Pavilion ⇒ 

Korean Peninsula topography ⇒ Mananjaam Cliff ⇒ 

Baeksuktan Stream Pothole ⇒ Pottery Experience Center ⇒ Mokeunjae Rest Area


1st section / Banghojeong-gil

Bohyeon Nursing House ~ Heonsil Rest Area: 4.2 Km / 1 hour and 20 minutes

Gaetbeodeul streamway - Bangho Pavilion - Pebble path Pine Grove Rest Area - Sansu orchard streamway


2nd section / Jaamjeokbyeok-gil

Heonsil Rest Area ~ Banditbul Farm: 2.9km/ 1 hour

Reed irrigation ditch path - Mananjaam Cliff - Banditbul farm


3rd section / Baekseoktan-gil

Banditbul Farm ~ Mokeunjae Rest Area: 4.7km / 1 hour and 45 minutes

Banditbul Farm - Stream orchard path - Baekseoktan - Mokeunjae Rest Area


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Sinseong Valley Green Road Geotrail