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Jubang Valley Geotrail

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Jubang Valley Geotrail : 5.3Km (2H10)


The Jubang Valley Geo Trail is a smooth walking route that takes about three hours to return. 

It is a course that can be easily visited by everyone from kids to the elderly, 

Since strollers and wheelchairs can be easily moved, it is a good family tour course to Yongchu Gorge, 

which runs along the valley.


▶ Course Guidance

Juwangsan Visitor Center ⇒ Jubangcheon Peperite ⇒ Yeonhwagul Cave ⇒ 

Geupsudae Columnar Joint ⇒ Youngchu Gorge ⇒ 

Jeolgupokpo Falls ⇒ Yongyeongpokpo Falls ⇒ 

Juwanggul Cave ⇒ Mujanggul Cave


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   Jubang Valley Geotrail