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Cheongsong UNESCO Global Geopark




The process of formation of the Korean Peninsula remains in Cheongsong UNESCO Global Geopark.

Based on metamorphic rocks of the Precambrian period, the crust cracked and sank due to mesozoic tectonic movements and dynamic volcanic activity, creating a large basin called the Gyeongsang Basin.

Since then, Cheongsong has changed in the Gyeongsang Basin for a long time.

In the Gyeongsang Basin surrounded by high mountains, low terrain such as plains, rivers, and lakes developed, and various dinosaurs lived there.

Since then, the area has been covered with volcanic ash due to volcanic activity.

Cheongsong UNESCO Global Geopark, which embraces the changing environment of the past in rocks, is a geopark with outstanding geological diversity.






In the Juwangsan area, you can see geopark attractions created by volcanic eruptions, and in the Sinseong Valley area, you can see geopark attractions created by the accumulation of sediments.



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